Three Quick Tips for Using Multiple Memory Cards

Remember the old saying, “Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket?”

Well, that holds especially true when trying to  prevent a loss of data and avoid deleted photo recovery altogether. Recently on a trip through the Czech Republic, after about three weeks of traveling (and taking pictures), I woke up to find that there were no pictures on the memory card that was currently in the camera— luckily, I was eventually able to get those pictures back using wGXe Photo Recovery software, but even if I hadn’t it wouldn’t have been the end of my precious memories.

Why? Because I keep my proverbial eggs in different baskets. By using multiple memory cards on a trip, I avoid the risk of losing ALL of my pictures in he case of a theft or data corruption. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using multiple memory cards:

Steps to Using Multiple Memory Cards

  • Use Three to Four Memory Cards

    With the invention of 16GB and larger memory cards, and many newer model digital cameras having the capabilities of using those cards, it is tempting to get one large card for all of your photos. I urge you to resist! Nowadays, you can get a 1, 2, or 4GB memory card for your digital camera at a very low price point, and it will actually help you out in the long run if you have 4 separate 4GB cards instead of one 16GB card.

  • Store Your Cards in Different Place

    Do NOT keep all of your cards in the same place (like your digital camera case); this would completely defeat the point of using multiple cards in the case of a theft or physical damage to the device! Try to keep one card in your bag, one in your wallet, one in your car, one in your luggage, or any other area that you won’t forget about! Keep a list of the places that you are storing your cards to avoid accidentally losing any.

  • Swap Cards Often

    When you are out taking pictures, make sure you swap your cards often, and even take similar pictures with different cards to protect yourself from one card being corrupted. This point is the heart of the storing your eggs in separate baskets principle. It may not be convenient to swap your cards while you are in the middle of taking pictures of a scene or at a party, but you will be happy that you did it if you do end up losing the data from one of the cards.

  • One more thing…

    Oh, and here is one of the pictures that didn’t get lost on my trip to the Czech Republic, thanks to using multiple memory cards.


    I got all of my missing pictures back when I thought they were gone forever. Now I want to help you get yours back too. Me on Google+

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