How to Choose the Right Photo Recovery Software and Keep Your Computer Clean

Photo recovery software is designed to make your life easier. To rescue you after losing precious photos and the memories attached to them. It’s not supposed to install a toolbar onto your internet explorer or other vicious malware and adware.

If you seriously want to get your photos back, don’t mess around with “freeware” photo recovery software. Spend the small registration fee for a quality product and reduce the risk of further corrupting your memory card or installing malware or viruses onto your computer.

Photo recovery software probably won’t recover 100% of your pictures, but a good photo recovery program can bring back most missing photos with little or no pixel damage.

We’ve done the research for you on this one. We only review quality software and recommend the best. Our ratings are based on speed, reliability, features and support.

Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo RecoverySummary: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery takes the stress out of recovering deleted pictures. It automatically checks for update to ensure it supports every device and format. It’s free to download and try.

Rating:Editor's Review - 5 Stars

Disk Doctors Photo Recovery

Disk Doctors Photo RecoverySummary: Highly effective at recovering all types of media, Disk Doctors’ DMR provides versatility in its ability to recover not only photos but all kinds of media. Disk Doctors also runs a data recovery center, so if the software fails, using their mail-in photo recovery service is a great option. Try the software first though. Again, free to download and try out.

Rating:Editor's Review - 5 Stars

Wondershare Photo Recovery

Wondershare Photo Recovery
Summary: The lowest priced product on the list, Wondershare compares very well with the competition and gives the bonus of allowing users to change the image size before restoring. This is the best value in picture undelete software.

Rating:Editor's Review - 5 Stars

What do you think about the software listed above? Leave a comment below to recommend your own software or comment on one of ours.


I got all of my missing pictures back when I thought they were gone forever. Now I want to help you get yours back too. Me on Google+

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