The Top Four Myths Surrounding Digital Camera Memory Card Corruption

Photo Recovery Myths

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

1. It is better to delete images from the computer rather than directly off of the camera.

This is true in the fact that it will use less erase cycles on the card if you delete all of your photos at once after uploading them, BUT seeing that newer memory cards can handle up to 100,000 erase cycles before seeing an error, it would take a lot of photos to reach this point. In all likelihood you will replace your camera and card before you reach this threshold.

2. Always change your cards before they are full.

The myth here is that if you fill your card to the brim, there will be no room for changing data on the disk, thus risking disk failure. In reality, all modern flash cards come with that “extra room” built in, and will never reach the point of complete overload. The only benefit changing cards before they are completely filled is that you won’t risk running out of room in the middle of a shoot. See my guide about using multiple memory cards for ideas on when to change cards.

3. Always switch your camera off before you eject the card.

For most cards this won’t matter. Modern digital cameras cards are built with a mechanism to allow them to be inserted into devices with power. The one thing you should look out for is that all the data is finished being written to the card before take it out. Make sure that all flashing lights are off and the camera is in standby mode before taking the card out.

4. Never shut off the camera directly after shooting.

While many digital cameras will continue to write even after they have been turned off, it is probably a good idea not to mess with this one. As in  (3), you want to give your camera time to write to the card before messing with it (this includes opening the card door, battery door) as an extra precaution, but in most cases it won’t matter too much.


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