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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (PC)

Stellar Photo Recovery will not only recover your lost pictures, but it will restore videos, music or other multimedia files. Download the free trial to check if your files can be recovered.


Photo Recovery Review Five Star ReviewStellar Phoenix Photo Recovery can recover your pictures or videos simply and easily, in a short amount time. This software provides several advantages over other photo recovery software – including the ability to recover audio and video files. It automatically checks for updates to ensure it supports every device, format or computer.

Published: Nov 11 2011
Updated: Feb 18 2013

Note to the reader: If you accidentally deleted or lost pictures on your memory card or computer, it is important that you limit the use of the storage device to avoid writing over the missing pictures. If it is a digital camera, please remove the memory card and begin scanning with photo recovery software right away.

Why I like Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  • Step-by-step wizard takes users through the recovery process
  • Retrieves almost all the types of movies, photos and sound files
  • Recovers lost images from corrupted or erroneous storage media
  • Auto-update feature ensures support for the latest devices

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is compatible with your computer hard drive, Memory Sticks, Smart Media, CompactFlash, Micro Drives, SD/XD Cards, and almost all other forms of digital film. The software features options like preview before recovery and image output size. It also provides an extensive recovery estimation feature. In cases of partition loss or damage, software corruption, unexpected system crash or virus infection, the perfect option is to use the Stellar Photo Recovery step-by-step wizard.

It is simple to use. Both the Mac and PC version have a step-by-step wizard that makes the recovery process painless, even for people are not very comfortable with computers or file systems. After you download and run the software, connect your memory card to the computer and the software will automatically run a scan, displaying a thumbnail version of your missing photos for you to verify.

The software was able to recover any file type I threw at it – and I tried quite a few file formats. It was able to recover files from erroneous and corrupted disks, and was successful in distinguishing valid from invalid files. It recovered high quality files in higher numbers. I scanned a 4GB SD Card and recovered over 95% of my pictures in around 10 minutes– especially compared to some other programs.

Stellar Phoenix is the leading name in data recovery, and offers a wide range of products, so they have experience. The documentation is clear and easy to read – but most importantly, if you run into any problems you can call one of their customer support centers and speak directly with a representative.


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