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Odboso PhotoRetrieval (PC)

Easy to use, PhotoRetrieval handled everything that was thrown at it. The three step process makes photo recovery simple.


Odboso Photo Retrieval can restore any corrupted and deleted photographs – even those lost from hardware malfunction. It works well on re-formatted memory card and allows you to see recovered images with the free trial version. It features support for all removable storage devices, high quality preview mode, 100% recovery rate, and support for both deleted photos and formatted memory cards. With this software, most users should be able to recover lost or deleted photos at their own pc.

Published: Sep 25 2011
Updated: Feb 18 2013

Feature Check-list

  • Step by step guide allows anyone to recover lost photos
  • Repairs and restores files off of any device
  • Preview mode lets you check for pixel damage before you buy

A Solid Photo Recovery Software with One Very Useful Feature

Odboso supports RAW format recovery for most major brands (Canon, Nikkon, Fujifilm, Pentax, and Olympus) as well. Although for most users the JPEG recovery mode will suffice. Photo Preview mode allows you to look at a larger image of the photo before you register for the software, so you can see any missing pixels. We thought this feature was a big plus, because other programs only allowed thumbnail view, which can often times not be large enough to spot detailed pixel damage.

Odboso PhotoRetrieval is incredibly easy to use. It is simple, straightforward, and user friendly. Upon opening the program, you will find four buttons to your left. The Scan button allows you to scan recoverable files from your computer. The Advanced button lets you adjust your scan if you want it to be more specific or more general. The Email button permits you to scan your emails and recover lost messages or attachments. The About button gives you more information about the Odboso PhotoRetrieval.

Using a simple test, I found that Odboso Photo Retrieval, in itself, has a 100% recovery rate. We deleted some 100 images from our 8 gb SDHC memory card (used in Canon powershot), performed a quick scan, and voila! All of the deleted pictures appeared in the scan results with preview images. Plus, the program only took about five minutes to complete the entire scan.

The step-by-step digital photo recovery wizard, which opens upon startup of the program makes a digital camera photo recovery mind-bogglingly simple for the end user. If you have little or no knowledge of data recovery, this feature should be very important to you. Odboso’s stated goal on their website is to make digital camera picture recovery easy for the most novice user. The photo recovery wizard makes this possible.

All in all, PhotoRetrieval by Odboso is worthy of a five-star recommendation. From the simple and straightforward interface, its ability to recover lost pictures, and excellent support and documentation the product is really life saver in all senses of the word. It captures exactly what its name suggests. It is able to recover photos in a simple yet extensive way. Any faults that it may have are minor as compared to the slew of wonderful things it has in store for its user.

Photo Recovery Review Five Star Review

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