You Can Recover Photos Nikon D Series NEF (RAW), JPEG, and EF(RAW)+JPEG

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Nikon D3100
The Nikon D3100, above, is the smallest yet low-cost DSLR camera with high performance. It, along with the other Nikon D series and other dslr cameras, is competent and extremely lightweight, taking sharper photos very quietly and precisely. With its large 3-inch LCD screen, Nikon D Series is also one of the first DSLRs that can record full HD videos. This compact digital camera uses SD, SDHC, or SDXC memory card with a maximum memory space of 64GB and image files are saved in file formats NEF (RAW), JPEG, and EF(RAW)+JPEG.

Special warning: as soon as the error message saying that the memory card is corrupted pops up on your camera or computer and your photos do not display, stop using the Nikon D3100 memory card at once. Using the memory card further may cause more damage to the memory card as the lost photos may be overwritten by the new photos. As a result, you may not be able to restore photos from your Nikon D3100 memory card anymore.

However, it has been known that memory cards, SD cards and other types of memory devices can get corrupted at any time. A corrupted memory card can cause all the fantastic photos captured by Nikon D3100, or other Nikon camera memory card to be deleted.

Additionally, there is also the possibility that you will lose all the pictures that you would like to preserve when the camera suddenly shuts down while taking photos. Afraid that you will not be able to restore photos, it is expected that you will panic and be terrified.

Deleted Pictures? No Problem.

But don’t fret! When you discovered that you lost your photos, you can still restore photos from your Nikon D3100 memory card using Stellar Photo Recovery.

Look for Any Damage on the Camera

Inspect your Nikon D3100 camera for any sign of physical damage, such as scratch, dent, or ding around the memory card slot, which may hinder for the memory card to properly connect to the camera. Evidently, a damaged connection will have an effect on how Nikon D3100 camera will read the memory card so you need to restore photos you captured earlier.

You also need to check the memory card for any dirt and clean it with a soft microfiber cloth. Afterwards, return the memory card to the camera and test if it will display your photos again. If it does, good news! Otherwise, you need to download and install photo recovery software to restore photos from your Nikon D3100 memory card like Stellar Photo Recovery.

Download and Install Photo Recovery Software

It does not matter whether your computer is running on Windows or Mac because Stellar Photo Recovery can be downloaded and installed on both computers. Easy to use and proven to be effective, Stellar Photo Recovery can successfully restore photos from your memory card within minutes. Furthermore, Stellar Photo Recovery does not only restore photos but also songs, movies, and other multimedia files without compromising the original quality of the files.

Run Photo Recovery Software

After installing Stellar Photo Recovery, hook up your Nikon D3100 camera to the USB port of your computer or insert the Nikon D3100 memory card to the card reader of your computer. The computer will automatically detect the device. Run Stellar Photo Recovery and scan the memory card to help you restore photos. Stellar Photo Recovery will then restore photos and display the hidden image files from Nikon D3100 memory card.

Stellar Photo Recovery for Mac or PC

  • Step-by-step wizard for brainless recovery
  • The software retrieves almost all the types of movies, photos and sound files. It also recovers lost images from corrupted or erroneous storage media
  • Auto-update feature ensures support for every device


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