Sandisk or no, Micro SD Photo Recovery is Possible

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How to Restore Deleted Photos on the Sandisk Micro SD Card

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The Micro SD card, short for the micro-sized version of the Secure Digital memory card produced by Sandisk and many others, is a very popular and affordable memory card. Although it is mostly used in cell phones, many manufacturers of digital cameras and music players also use micro sd. Being one of the smallest high capacity storage devices – see Micro SD HC – it is a very convenient little card. However, this device is not perfect. Like most storage devices that are frequently written to, there is a chance of data loss if there is any type of power shortage to the device. This happens when you turn off your phone while taking a picture, or drop the phone, or expose it to water – basically anything that will cause a reset.

Still, if you turn on your cell phone with a Micro SD and find all of your pictures missing, it doesn’t mean you can’t get them back.

Before you do anything else!

When you notice that this is happening, immediately stop using the Micro SD Card. If you continue to try to save more data and photos on a Micro SD card after there has been a problem with data loss, it is possible that it will permanently delete the photos that are already saved in your memory card. What you should do instead is keep the card somewhere safe until you are able to connect it to a computer. Don’t worry, if you follow these steps, you will probably be able to recover lost photos – with little to no pixel damage.

Clean the Micro SD card with microfiber cloth

I always recommend checking any device that has lost data for physical damage first. Inspect the Micro SD card for damages. There sometimes may be dirt or grime on the card that is causing the read error. Somewhat surprisingly, this can fix the problem in about 10% of all cases. Clean the Sandisk Micro SD card with a cloth that will not damage or scratch the connection on the card. I highly suggest that you use a microfiber cloth, the same kind of cloth that you would use to clean the lenses of your camera or eye glasses.

Connect the card to the computer

After you have cleaned the card, connect it to your computer – either through a card reader or your cell phone data cable – and check for lost photos again. Cleaning the card may have been enough be able to view the lost photos, but if you still cannot see them, you’ll need to scan your card with a recovery program. I’m going to use Stellar Photo Recovery for this guide because it is free to try and comes for Mac and PC. In my test, it was effective in retrieving photo files from the Micro SD cards, Sandisk or no.

Once you install the software, connect your card and scan it for missing photos. The recovery software will show you what it can recover right away. Sometimes there is slight pixel damage, but usually near the top or the bottom of the image so you can still crop it out if you need to.

Good luck.


I got all of my missing pictures back when I thought they were gone forever. Now I want to help you get yours back too. Me on Google+

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