How to Recover Deleted Pictures from a Memory Card

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Did you delete a picture and want it back? Good news.

You can recover photos from a memory card

Nowadays, more and more people own either a skimpy point-and-shoot camera or a heavy but reliable digital DSLR camera to capture the wonderful moments in their lives. Digital cameras are not just the “in” thing but also stores more photos on its memory card, in contrast to the traditional film-type cameras. Unfortunately, the possibility of losing those fantastic photos saved on the memory card is inevitable. Hence, it is important that you know how to recover deleted pictures from a memory card.

Memory cards are small, square-shaped storage device used in many consumer electronic devices, such as digital cameras, cellphones, and computers. They are versatile storage devices that you can carry around and work with almost all types of digital cameras. There are several types of memory cards, including memory stick, multimedia card (MMC), Secure Digital (SD) card, SmartMedia, and xD-Picture Card.

It has always been believed that memory cards are reliable storage device where you can store large number of data such as personal files, photos, music, and movies. However, when the camera suddenly shuts down while taking pictures or you accidentally click the Delete button on the camera, you may lose your precious photos saved on the memory card.

Likewise, when the camera shuts down without a warning while taking photos, the odds are high that you will lose all your saved photos. It is also possible that all photos get deleted when you accidentally format the memory card without creating a backup copy of your photos.

When Your Photos Get Deleted

When you notice that some or all of your photos are missing, it is expected that you will freak out. But in reality, there is no reason to panic and get terrified. Relax. There are many ways how to recover deleted pictures from your memory card.

Before you proceed with any troubleshooting step on how to recover deleted pictures, remove the memory card from your camera and stop using it. The deleted photos are still on your memory card but continuously using the memory card may cause the new photos to overwrite the missing or deleted photos. Consequently, you will unable to recover the deleted pictures from your memory card anymore, even if you use the best photo recovery software application in the market.

Inspect Your Camera and Memory Card

Similarly, inspect your memory card and digital camera for any dirt or physical damage, such as scratch or dent around the memory slot. Clean the memory card with soft microfiber cloth before putting the memory card back to the camera. Try the memory card if it will display your photos this time; otherwise, you may need to download and install photo recovery software, such as Stellar Photo Recovery, to guide you how to recover deleted pictures on your memory card.

Download and Install Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery has been found to effectively assist photographers and photo enthusiasts how to recover deleted pictures from a memory card. User-friendly and fast, Stellar Photo Recovery shows how to recover deleted pictures from your memory card within minutes. Furthermore, this photo recovery software can also retrieve deleted videos, music, personal files, even files that have been emptied from the Recycle Bin.

Download and install a free version of Stellar Photo Recovery on your computer now and see how it works. Preview the photos that you need to recover and create a backup copy of the restored photos on a separate drive.

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