Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do photos become corrupt?

Data corruption occurs when there is an error in the transmission of data. This can happen from a power surge, physical harm to a device, or hardware failure. After a photo has been corrupted, often times only part of that particular photo will be recoverable.

How does photo recovery software work?

Most photo recovery programs use a method called “file carving,” which is a complex task that reassembles computer files without the required file system metadata.  If the disk in question is severely fragmented there is a lower chance of recovering the data. This shows us the importance of defragmenting your drive often.

What is disk formatting?

Disk formatting is setting the initial file structure of a storage device for its first use. This process includes setting up an empty file system. Formatting a drive will delete all existing data, but not necessarily write over that data, so it is still recoverable. If you accidentally format a drive or disk, the most important thing is to stop using that drive or disk and begin the recovery process immediately. Any further writing to the disk could begin writing over previously used data segments.

Can I restore the data to same memory card from which I am recovering?

No, do not restore the data to same location from which you are recovering. This will reduce the chances of recovery by overwriting the files in your media causing permanent data loss.


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