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Best Photo Recovery Software for Canon RAW files

Canon digital camera uses CR2 and CRW raw image file formats, pictures that comes right away from the CCD detector of the digital camera. The RAW image saves the pictures without using the camera inherent compression to it. The raw files will include a text information regarding the photo and the status of the camera at the time the picture was taken. When transferring images from digital camera to the computer a small error can cause the memory card to be corrupted.

Important – Prevent Data Loss

It is necessary to systematically backup the pictures, videos and audio saved in the memory card. But there are times when you backup the data is inaccessible and not functioning. In incident like this a photo recovery software allows you to restore your precious files.

Try a Photo Recovery Software

Odboso PhotoRetrieval ScreenshotThis photo restoration softwares are able to retrieve not only the Canon RAW files (CRW, CR2), but also the software helps you to get again other raw file formats like Sony SRF and SR2, Nikon NEF, Olympus ORF, Minolta MRW. The software is capable of recovering the commonly used digital formats like jpeg, jpg, gif, tif, tiff, png, bmp, mp3, wav, midi, mp4, avi, mov and mpg. The software program has the function that enables the person to preview the files earlier than recovery.This software are easy to use and lets you retrieve and get back lost or deleted images.

Odboso Photo Retrieval (PC only) – The free download allows users to see the pictures that can be recovered before registering. It supports all of the major media types, and has been tested with Canon RAW file system.

Disk Doctors Photo Recovery (PC/Mac) – Disk Doctors is a leader in the field of data recovery. They have offices all over the world, and have wonderful tech support and technicians available.

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